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Nature Folk with Selena Fox: first hour

October on Nature Folk

October 2:  Celebrating the Seasons
Encore presentation of Circle Craft Studies exploring the symbols, customs, and rituals for celebrating the eight Sabbats in the Pagan Wheel of the Year.

October 9:  Powers of the Crone
Encore presentation of Circle Craft Studies discussing ways to connect and work with the Goddess as Crone and her powers of Wisdom, Maturity, Inner Sight, Release, Healing, Death & Rebirth.

October 16:  Samhain Altars 
Join Rev. Selena Fox for a discussion on creating and working with personal, household, and community altars at Samhain time for Healing Transformation, Divination, Pagan Religious Freedom, Honoring Ancestors and Beloved Dead, Coummunity Attunement, and Celebration.

October 23:  Celebrating Samhain & Halloween
Encore presentation of Circle Craft Studies discussing sacred work with old and new symbols, chants, rites, meditations, and traditions in creating personal and group Samhain celebrations.

October 30:  Circle Craft Samhain Ritual
Encore presentation of Circle Craft Studies with an on-the-air Samhain ritual remembering the past year, envisioning the year to come, honoring the Dead, listening to the Ancestors, and celebrating Samhain.  


CIRCLE TALK: second hour

Octobrer 2:  Heather Greene
Join Circle Minister Debra Rose as she welcomes author Heather Greene for a discussion about her latest book, Bell Book, and Camera as well as her writing for the Wild Hunt and more.

October 9:  Minister in Training - Laura Gonzalez
Join Circle Ministers Jeanet & David Ewing as they welcome Circle Minister in Training Laura Gonzalez to discuss her journey as she works toward her Circle Sanctuary ordination.

October 16:  Kentucky Ghost Hunters
Join Circle Minister Debra Rose as she welcomes the Kentucky Ghost Hunters for a discussion on the paranormal and ghost hunting.

October 23:  Samhain Ritual
Join Circle Ministers Jeanet & David Ewing for an on-the-air Samhain ritual celebrating the end of the harvest and honoring our Ancestors.

October 30:  Circle Cemetery Project
Join us for an encore presentation from October 2014 when Circle Minister Debra Rose was joined by Rev. Selena Fox and Circle Minister Nora Cedarwind Young as they discussed the Circle Cemetery Project, the first National Pagan Cemetery, and the work they were doing at the time to manifest the cemetery.