Pagan Spirit Gathering

Pagan Spirit Gathering

PSG logoSummer Solstice Week: June 16 - 23, 2019

Located at Hannon's Camp America campground, near Oxford, OH!

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Pagan Spirit Gathering (PSG) is one of America's oldest and largest Nature Spirituality festivals. Since 1980, PSG has been bringing together Pagans of many paths and places to:

  • Create Community
  • Celebrate Summer Solstice
  • Commune with Nature in a Sacred Environment

If you have questions about your PSG registration, please email the Circle office before June 14 or call the office at 608-924-2216 before June 10. 


  • many and varied workshops on Pagan practice, living, and art;
  • powerful, transformative rituals every day;
  • three (or more) concerts daily by talented Pagan musicians;
  • sacred spaces and groups for women, men, LGBTQ Pagans, crones, sages, Pagans in recovery from addiction, artists, and more;
  • programs for families, including a family camp, special workshops for children and youth, centers for teens & tweens, and childcare during workshops and some rituals;
  • rites of passage programs and ceremonies for life transitions from birth through croning and saging;
  • dozens of Pagan vendors selling sacred art, jewelry, festival and ritual garb, magickal tools, drums, altar items, candles, soaps, henna, massage, psychic readings, tarot and other divination services, delicious food and more;
  • Pagan Leadership Institute: a track of expert-led workshops for ministers, priestesses, priests and others serving in leadership roles within their home communities;
  • skilled teams staffing centers for safety, first aid, and emotional well-being;
  • nightly drumming and dancing circles, chant shares, and firespinning;
  • book signings and special workshops by featured guests & authors;
  • and so much more!

Pagan Spirit Gathering

Welcome Home!

Each year, the PSG community comes together to create and live in a 21st century Pagan village, which is our home for the duration of this week-long celebration of Summer Solstice. We light a sacred fire during our Opening Ritual, and keep it burning throughout the event to symbolize the solstice sun and the spirit of our PSG community.

Connect with Community!  Don't wait until the gate opens - connect with the PSG community online via Twitter, on our Facebook Group, and on Instagram!

Questions or Concerns? Email us and our office staff will get right back to you.