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PSG 2020 Announcement

psg evergreen logoGreetings Pagan Spirit Gathering Community,

The Pagan Spirit Gathering has meant friendship, communion, magick, music, and the creation of a Pagan Community for thirty-nine summers. PSG feeds the soul and spirits of those who attend. But when the PSG Executive Committee met last week, we agreed that we could not -- given the Covid-19 pandemic -- bring a large group of people together for Summer Solstice week this June as we have done in the past.  Just to write these words, our hearts are heavy with the loss of an in-person PSG this year, the continued ravages of this disease, the loss of lives and livelihood for all citizens of Planet Earth.

The cancellation of PSG 2020 also has a profound effect on Circle Sanctuary beyond the loss of this incredible annual community event. The Pagan Spirit Gathering is Circle Sanctuary’s largest source of income...nearly half of what it takes to support Circle’s services...from gatherings, rituals, and workshops, to the cemetery, to counseling, networking and religious freedom work, to the upkeep of sacred land and buildings.

Many of you have already registered for PSG 2020, and we offer you the following options related to your registration: 

  • First, you can carry over your registration to next year’s Pagan Spirit Gathering, June 20-27, 2021.
  • Second, knowing that this is Circle’s largest income source, you can donate your registration or part of it to Circle Sanctuary to help support Circle’s on-going work.
  • Third, you can ask for a complete refund of your PSG registration fee. 

For those of you already registered for PSG 2020, please watch in the next week for an email from with instructions on your registration fee options.

How do we replenish our spirit after this heart-breaking news? We reach out to each other. We walk the Earth and share Her blessings. We do our best to stay healthy and support our friends in doing the same. And we rejoice in the spirit that dwells in us, sustaining us and the Planet.

In the wake of PSG 2020's cancellation, we are offering several PSG Community "Town Hall" meetings via Zoom to let folks get together, process, grieve, look forward, and share ideas for online ways to celebrate Summer Solstice 2020 together. There will be three Town Halls this coming week --Please use the following link to sign up for one of the sessions. The day before the Town Hall you choose, you will receive an invitation via the email you provide to attend the Zoom meeting.

The registration link is:

We are working right now on ways to create and provide a PSG Community online Summer Solstice celebration for you. Our website will have much more information about this in coming weeks. Stay tuned and celebrate with us the Turning of the Wheel and the beginning of the Summer!

With Blessings,  
Selena, Dennis, Chip, Sharon, Bob, Messina, Emily, Stephanie, and Casey